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Dying To Live: Breakthrough Stress Reduction And Wellness Improvement Strategies ECourse!

Dying to Live – SIHP eCourse

Did you know that over 90% of all illnesses are lifestyle-related and over 50% of the global workforce is highly stressed? Who cares if you love your career and life if you are not well and suffering from stress-related illnesses! But there is good news – we all can do something about it. In this highly interactive session, Dr. Keis (drawing from his research and diploma in nutrition and genetics) will share leading edge research on wellness improvements and stress reduction.

During the course you immediately identify items to decrease your stress and increase your wellness levels.

Every participant will complete CRG’s proprietary assessment the Stress Indicator and Health Planner. This eCourse will help you identify and benchmark your stress and your wellness levels in 5 specific areas –

  1. Distress Levels – Physically, Psychologically & Behaviourally
  2. Interpersonal Stress,
  3. Wellness (Nutrition & Lifestyle) Stress
  4. Time Stress
  5. Occupational Stress

You will be able to document your next steps to improve your overall health wellness.

19 Powerful Lessons

• 4 Hours of Easy to Digest Training Videos
• 19 Simple Modules
• 10 Short and Fun Quizzes
• Bonus Modules on Purpose and Job Fit
• Certificate of Completion