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What Do You Really Value? - Values Preference Indicator (VPI) eCourse

What would it mean – if you could make the Right Decision Every-Time?

That is what you will learn to do in this eCourse.

• Learn EXACTLY how to use your internal motivators (what we call values) as a foundational filter in your daily decisions!
• Determine if what you THINK is valuable is REALLY a value to you – or something that others have just expected of you.
• Reveal to what degree you are living your life aligned with your most important values..
• Find out if your decisions and actions have been congruence with your core behavioural values.
• REDUCE your stress levels.
• Increase your resilience, grit and will power.
• Leave with an action plan to ensure your life activities align perfectly with what you REALLY Value!

19 Life Affirming and Transformational Lessons

•Values Preference Indicator (VPI) assessment included 
• Once completed you get your own personalized 13-page Values Preference Indicator assessment report
• 3 Hours of easy to comprehend training videos
• 19 simple modules
• 5-page CRG models handout
• 12 short and fun quizzes
• And your personalized certificate of completion