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CRG Online Assessments

CRG’s Holistic Assessment System develops the “Whole Person” - increasing self-awareness which leads to self-management and self-mastery. The assessments are learning friendly focusing on the participant experience and application. You don’t require certification to use the assessments. With an 80% switch rate from other personality tools and assessments, we have proven our design advantages for over 40 years. 

These fast-paced communication and learning tools help you understand yourself better—your personal style, leadership skills, learning styles, values and much more. CRG assessments are not tests that can be passed or failed—they are completely self-administered and self-scoring. The emphasis is placed on the person and his or her development, rather than on the assessment.

All CRG online assessments are responsive design and mobile friendly!

Annual License High-Volume Package Options Available.

CRG Online Courses

Discover the Foundation of Personal and Professional Success with CRG’s Expertly Designed eCourses.

Just-in-time 24/7 access for individuals, teams and entire organizations. 

CRG’s eCourses are designed to show you exactly how to improve your life through mastering your self-awareness. Enroll now to get complete access to video lessons along with an exclusive content only available in this course. Learn at your own pace on mobile or desktop. Do it in 8 hours or 8 weeks. The choice is completely yours!

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