by Dr. Jon Warner

When individuals or organizations face significant situations or challenges, one of the first priorities is to understand the issues involved and to work out what needs to be done. In many cases, we do not need any formal assistance to help this process and can think our way through the steps that seem to be most appropriate. However, on occasion the issues or the problems may not be entirely clear and a structured approach can help considerably. 

The Customer Service Commitment Profile is designed to help individuals understand how much "service excellence" is offered to the customer. The level of service excellence they offer and that is offered by the organization as a whole are assessed.

How It Works

The Customer Service Commitment Profile is a competency-based diagnostic instrument to help individuals determine their ability to provide excellent customer service. To do this, the instrument breaks the subject down into six key competencies (service leadership, vision, and commitment; feedback and voice of the customer; establishing service standards; empowering people to serve the customer; customer serving processes and systems; and rewards and recognition for service excellence) for customer service. Each competency area uses eight questions to assess current overall competence for a profile total of 48 questions.

Product Type
Assessment or workshop
  • Service leadership, vision, and commitment
  • Feedback and voice of the customer
  • Establishing service standards
  • Empowering people to serve the customer
  • Customer serving processes and systems
  • Rewards and recognition for service excellence
Time Required

The Customer Service Commitment Profile can be broken down into either a 1 to 2 hour presentation, half day workshop, or 1 to 2 day programme.