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DVD's - Accountability

Accountability That Works - DVD (DS)

Duration: 22 minutes

An exciting, innovative training programme that will provide everyone in your organization with the tools they need for a greater sense of empowerment, effectiveness and increased productivity.

Participants will learn to view accountability as an ongoing process, a method for achieving personal effectiveness. When you have accountability in your organization, you have better results, improved teamwork & clarity. When you don't have accountability, you get blame, finger pointing, missed deadlines, etc.

Building accountability in your workplace saves you money every day in real terms such as:

  • Consistently met deadlines.
  • Clearly defined roles and expectations.
  • Less blame and reduced time spent in conflict.
  • Improved supervisor-to-subordinate and peer-to-peer relationships.
  • Increased team efficiencies (such as less time lost in meetings).

Accountability That Works! presents a simple process structure "before, during and after" common to all tasks. When handled properly, this structure will ensure the clarity and completion of any task.

The Cycle of Accountability presented is:

  • The "before" phase: RESPONSIBILITY — When an individual or team establishes a mindset of ownership for the task, taking complete responsibility for getting it done.
  • The "during" phase: EMPOWERMENT — When the owner(s) does whatever is necessary to complete the task. This might include action steps, a time line and gathering necessary resources.
  • The "after" phase: ACCOUNTABILITY — When the responsible party(s) owns the outcome of the task. This is when results, good or bad, are acknowledged and learning from the experience takes place.
  • And Behind It All: CLEAR AGREEMENTS — The glue that holds the three stages together so that accountability works and the organization?s productivity wheel keeps turning.

The workshop teaches participants to understand these processes:

  • Ensure every task has a clearly defined owner and agreement.
  • Empower themselves to keep their agreements.
  • Hold others accountable for their agreements.
  • Be accountable without being defensive.
  • Learn from mistakes, continually improving personally and professionally.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, Powerpoint Presentation, Participant Workbooks
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.