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DVD's - Leadership

Leadership at Every Level - DVD

DVD: 24 minutes - Includes one complimentary Study Guide.

Imagine if all your good managers became great leaders

When you have leaders at all levels, and not just at the top, productivity climbs and the atmosphere improves throughout your organization.

Good management skills are a start. But that's not what makes you a leader. What makes you a leader is the willingness of others to follow you. And this requires respect, admiration and many other intangibles that go into true leadership. Fortunately, even though not everyone is a "born leader," every manager in your organization has the potential to become a leader.

This leadership training video begins by demonstrating four successful management styles: direction, influence, collaboration, and delegation. It then explains how your setting and your subordinates determine which management style is most appropriate for your situation -- and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.

Our dramatic scenes help you'recognize leadership behaviours at all levels of an organization. You'll learn how to exhibit leadership by making good decisions and keeping your own emotions under control. And you'll learn the critical importance of personal integrity.

Leadership takes more than good management. And there's no better time than right now for you to take it to the next level.

Leaders need to:

  • Take initiative.
  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Embrace change.
  • Develop their people.
  • Admit their mistakes.
  • Build community.

Performance Appraisals; Getting Results - DVD

DVD: 18 minutes - Includes one complimentary Study Guide.

Effective performance appraisals add value to your organization. They motivate your top employees to do even better. And they tell under performers exactly what is expected and how to improve.

Unfortunately, performance appraisals are often regarded as mere formalities. Performance reviews are sometimes administered late or skipped altogether. Clear guidance falls by the wayside, and halfhearted work goes unchallenged.

In this performance evaluation training video, you'll follow two story lines. One involves a small business taking steps to formalize a review process for the first time. The other presents a large corporation attempting to energize an existing system. Watch as two very different managers prepare for challenging review meetings and see them apply skills that defuse tension and achieve the desired results.

This performance review video shows that effective reviews can increase productivity, resolve problems, and improve work satisfaction both for employees and their managers.

Managers will learn:

  • Critical elements to cover in your performance evaluation process.
  • The advantages of sticking to a regular schedule.
  • The importance of fairness and consistency.
  • The nuts and bolts of formats and record-keeping.
  • Methods of motivating the top producers.
  • How to deal with underperformers.
  • Skills for the face-to-face review meeting.
  • The value of employee feedback.

The Drug-Free Workplace DVD - Manager & Employee Combo Version

Duration: 37 minutes

Even if drug-free training is not legally mandated in your business or industry, everyone benefits from raising employee awareness on the impact that drugs or alcohol can have on your workplace.

These two new videos help you meet mandated training requirements and provide guidance for your managers and supervisors.

Performance and safety sink fast when employees abuse alcohol or drugs. Others may feel they have to take up the slack when their coworkers attempt to work under the influence falling short of expectations and increasing the risk of accident or injury.

The Employee version features believable scenes in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, food service, and business. It raises your employees' awareness of this widespread problem, shows the harm that can be done to themselves and others, and encourages them to get help if they or a coworker is affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

Featuring bonus scenes not included in the employee version, the manager version shows all individuals with supervisory responsibilities what to look for and what to do if they become aware of substance abuse among their direct reports. It also cautions them to be aware of legal requirements, such as ADA and FMLA, that might affect scheduling and performance management once they are on notice of a problem.

How to Spot Drugs in the Workplace:

  • When employees don't seem right, It's often hard to pinpoint exactly what their problem is. But here are some symptoms that might indicate drug or alcohol abuse:
  • bloodshot eyes, enlarged or reduced pupils.
  • Impaired speech or coordination.
  • Changes in behaviour or mood.
  • Difficulty concentrating, learning or remembering.
  • Inappropriate behaviour such as apathy or disorientation, agitation or irritability.

If these signs accompany reduced performance on the job, It's time to have a conversation about expectations, consequences, and resources that may be available to help. Recovery is possibleโ€”it takes courage, persistence, and hard work, but It's worth it!

A Leader's Guide to Delegating - DVD (DS)

Duration: 23 minutes

A Leader's Guide to Delegating is designed to show managers and supervisors how to get work done through other people.


  • Models Effective Delegating
  • Helps Leaders Develop Staff
  • Improves Organizational Productivity

A Leader's Guide to Delegating lets you address leadership development and employee engagement in a single training session. Trainees receive solid instruction in a key leadership competency and they commit to giving employees increased opportunity to take on new assignments.

What does this mean for you? Tasks will be delegated more often and with greater clarity โ€“ leading to better results, improved productivity and higher job satisfaction overall.

A Leader's Guide to Delegating provides a plan for successful delegation in just 5 steps:

  1. Analyze the Task
  2. Choose the Right Delegatee
  3. Assign the Task
  4. Execute the Task
  5. Conduct Regular Feedback Sessions

Effective delegation accomplishes more than just the task at hand. It also builds trust for future delegations, helps employees develop new skills, reduces managerial stress and improves organizational productivity.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Participant Workbooks
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders - DVD (DS)

Duration: 70 minutes

This video dramatically demonstrates the unique pressures facing team leaders, redefines the role of the "follower" and identifies the four ways we can all exercise courage.

As people at all levels become more responsible for taking initiatives to advance organizational goals, the concept of "follower" and "leader" is certainly redefined. Today, we're all responsible for helping shape and advance our team's goals and our organization's vision. If management abides by this concept, followers can no longer be passive conformists and leaders can no longer expect their directions to be "the last word, right or wrong." This adds a new set of sensitive dynamics to work relationships, requiring followers to pioneer new levels of courage rarely used before.

This film is based on the book, The Courageous Follower โ€“ Standing Up To and For Our Leaders,by Ira Chaleff. No matter how delicate or controversial, the film's message is critical for everyone in today's radically changing workplace. 

In this portrayal of Chaleff's Four Dimensions of Courageous Follower-ship, vignettes demonstrate:

  • the courage to serve
  • the courage to assume responsibility
  • the courage to challenge
  • the courage to leave.

This video programme will help viewers:

  • Gain a fresh awareness of the power they have over their jobs and their relationship with their leaders.
  • Discover how to exercise their power creatively and responsibly in ways that will benefit themselves, their leaders, their teams and their organization.
  • Understand how, as leaders, they can encourage and nurture courageous behaviours among team members.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of living true to themselves while making a real contribution to shaping and fulfilling their team's and organization's mission.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

Leadership and Self-Deception - DVD (DS)

Duration: 16 minutes

Reducing self-deception may be the single most important step your organization can take toward improving workplace relationships and increasing productivity. This thought-provoking training programme, based on the best-selling book, shows how.


  • Helps people gain insight into self-deception
  • Creates self-aware leaders
  • Enhances problem-solving skills

In the workplace, some problems tend to surface time and time again. And most of the time, the reason these problems aren't solved once and for all is that the people at the root of the problem don't see the role they play in perpetuating it. The phenomenon is called self-deception, and It's more prevalent than you might think.

This training workshop illustrates self-deception and its solutions through a combination of video and workshop exercises:

  • The video piece, which re-enacts the true story of 18th Century physician Ignaz Semmelweis, causes people to think about our human tendency to look elsewhere for the cause of our problems.
  • The workshop helps trainees discuss the video and apply the concept to their work lives. It provides tools for analyzing and solving problems at their core.

Participants learn that:

  • Most โ€“ if not all โ€“ "people problems" (poor communication, lack of teamwork, unresolved conflict...) share a common root: self-deception.
  • The very people involved in resolving a given problem may contribute to it, and even help spread it.
  • The solution to a problem always begins with them.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Participant Workbook
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

Leadership and the New Science - DVD (DS)

Duration: 23 minutes

This DVD has been adapted as an inspiring film to help viewers see organizational life from a brand new point of view. It challenges viewers to accept chaos as a beneficial force.

Is there a simpler way to manage complex organizations in this turbulent business environmentwhere chaos prevails?

Dr. Wheatley, a consultant to a wide variety of organizations struggling to break free from outdated paradigms, has recognized the need to step out of tradition and look to new and different places for solutions. She turned to the new sciences and the behaviour of nature's living and non-living systems for examples. In this film, she shows how nature itself provides unmistakable models for creating a new perspective from which greater organizational effectiveness can emerge.

Most modern-day organizations are no longer efficient because their basic structural concepts originated in the 17th Century. The New Science -- the science of chaos, evolutionary biology, quantum mechanics and field theory -- provides evidence that organizations can be managed in natural ways, just as complex systems in nature manage themselves.

Viewers will learn:

  • that chaos is a necessary and creative force that creates order
  • how to share information to empower people and organize tasks
  • how developing relationships energizes teams and helps achieve peak performance


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

Positive Discipline - DVD (DS)

Duration: 24 minutes

This video programme helps leaders get beyond the belief that confronting negative performance has to be punitive in nature and shows them how performance discussions can actually be a tool for developing employees.


  • Shows how to address performance problems
  • Helps uncover workable solutions
  • Promotes employee accountability

Positive Performance Coaching is achievable... when supervisors and managers have the right training. 

In a recent study, performance-based coaching was among the top three talent management processes shown to improve business results.

This highly effective training tool teaches supervisors how to prepare for an employee performance improvement discussion, manage the discussion appropriately (and legally), place ownership of the problem's resolution with the employee, and get the desired outcome without losing employee commitment.

Based on the book, Positive Discipline: How to Resolve Tough Performance Problems Quickly and Effectively, the programme presents the following five-step process for correcting negative performance:

  1. Identify the Problem โ€“ the gap between the actual & desired behaviour
  2. Analyze the Problem's Severity โ€“ determine the impact and consequences of the behaviour if not corrected
  3. Discuss the Problem โ€“ talk to the employee and gain their agreement on a solution
  4. Document the Discussion โ€“ including the history of the problem and what was said and agreed upon
  5. Follow-up to Monitor Results โ€“ recognize improvements, or take action if the problem hasn't resolved

The programme's video vignettes are set in different work environments and feature three different performance issues. Accompanying workshop materials include role-play activities, job aids (such as a conversation planner) and more.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Participant Workbook
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

Supervisor Toolkit - DVD (DS)

Duration: 82 minutes

Designed for maximum flexibility, The Supervisor Toolkit provides you with high-quality video vignettes that you can easily incorporate into your own custom training courses.

A library of 90 video clips on various aspects of supervision, plus a comprehensive guide for using the clips in a number of innovative ways.

The clips are drawn from CRM's library of best-selling programmes. Each vignette/clip runs anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes and depicts a common workplace interaction involving a supervisor and usually, a subordinate. Suggestions are provided in the Leader's Guide for using the clips to draw out specific lessons on supervision.

The 90 clips in the Toolkit are organized into the following supervisory skill categories:

  • Hiring and Building Your Team
  • Planning, Prioritizing, and Delegating Tasks
  • Coaching and Training
  • Motivating, Encouraging and Giving Positive Feedback
  • Building Trust and Showing Respect
  • Handling Conflict
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Discipline and Giving Constructive Feedback

Clips are provided in two formats:

  • Format 1: The clip is introduced with some brief narration to set up the scene and give a very general idea of what to look for in the vignette. As the introductory narration plays, key phrases and words are highlighted through on-screen graphics. The clip follows.
  • Format 2: The clip plays without any set-up narration.

The Leader's Guide gives context to each clip in each of the supervisory skill categories, suggests where and how to use the clips and explains how to combine clips for maximum impact. Discussion starter questions and activity suggestions are also included.

Taking Charge of Change, Revised - DVD (DS)

Duration: 18 minutes

Teach individual employees the skills necessary to understand and support change initiatives. By learning to recognize and address the internal transitions associated with any change, individuals are better able to guide themselves productively through organizational change.

This updated version of our best seller features vignettes in a variety of industries: manufacturing, white-collar business, healthcare, government and education, plus many more"how-to" applications than the original.

Stunning visual images feature a rookie skydiver making his first solo jump... a powerful metaphor for the leap we take into the unknown each time we experience a change in our own work lives.

Develop useful strategies for moving through workplace change:

  • Differentiate between "change" and "transition".
  • Discover the three stages of change transition.
  • Identify which of the three stages of change is more difficult for you and why.
  • Learn how causes or conditions around a change can influence one's needs through the transition that follows it.
  • Understand how and why each person in a workgroup may experience transition stages differently.
  • Recognize the role of communication (within teams, between teams, and between management levels) in the transition process.

The workplace vignettes provide viewers with a realistic look at the types of changes we experience at work, and the steps you can take to help manage our response to those changes.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Participant Workbook
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.