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DVD's - Organizational Culture

A Better Way - DVD (DS)

Duration: 15 minutes

Discover a new perspective to the concept of 'win-win' with A Better Way, the story of three South African retailers faced with finding a new approach to their businesses.

One, challenged with street vendors at their storefronts, decides not to view their presence as an impediment, but rather an opportunity for increased success through cooperation. First, they provide the vendors with push brooms and other tools so the debris from the fruits and vegetables they sell can easily be cleared from the area. Then they give each one a hat with the store?s name on it (which the vendors are proud to wear). The result? Each business is enhanced and customers enjoy the convenience of a full range of goods in one location.

Another is a grocery chain trying to gain market share in the sale of fresh fish, an area where they have had minor success and little clout. Knowing they need a better-quality product from their supplier, they express this, along with suggestions for a more efficient means of storing the fish from sea to port. With these changes, the supplier is able to increase the quality of their product and both parties realize increased profitability. A side result: the vendor's competition makes similar changes, thereby improving the quality of fish in markets throughout the region.

Our third story focuses on a young manager who realizes that being in the center of town keeps his store from a large base of potential customers dependent on bus transportation. These prospective patrons would have to walk 17 minutes out of their way to buy clothes at the store and, in doing so, risk losing their place in line at the depot. The answer? Open a store near the depot. Doing so allows them to increase profitability at both stores and make customers very happy. All it took was the willingness to reconsider store placement.

A Better Way teaches viewers to

  • Define the 'win-win' concept
  • Identify teambuilding skills
  • Recognize 'synergy' and how it may benefit their organization
  • and more...


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
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  • Leader's Guide
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Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace, 2nd Edition - DVD (DS)

Duration: 20 minutes

Cure bad attitudes to increase productivity!

Bad attitudes can threaten the essential functions of your workplace. They spread like viruses from individual employees through departments and infect entire organizations. Once an attitude virus begins to spread, it can become an epidemic in no time. Productivity suffers and so do individual workers. There's no doubt that today's workforce is especially susceptible.

If you spot these warning signs, an attitude virus could be spreading through your workforce: resisting change, lack of commitment, spreading gossip, misdirected anger and condescending perfectionism.

With this newly revised film, you will learn how to vaccinate your government organization from this potentially devastating threat.

Participants will benefit by learning to take responsibility for their own attitudes and success, plus, underlying causes for unproductive attitudes will be resolved and fewer personal problems will affect work. These better attitudes will positively impact team results and the bottom line of your government agency.

After viewing this video, participants will:

  • Be aware of the different types of negative attitudes
  • Know how to diagnose an attitude problem in themselves or their colleagues
  • Recognize the need to take responsibility for a negative attitude and its consequences
  • Learn how to replace old, ineffective reactions with adaptable, productive responses
  • Know how to follow through in order to reinforce new, positive behavior


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, Participant Workbooks
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Clarity Imperative: How Getting Everyone on the Same Page Makes Your Organization Stand Out - DVD (DS)

Duration: 20 minutes

This programme shows that consistent organizational messaging isn't about marketing slogans or taglines — it's about having a compelling organizational "story" and then making sure everyone in the organization can articulate it.


  • Improves morale and productivity by helping organizations focus on what they do (and why it matters)
  • Reduces costly turnover as organizations begin hiring individuals well-suited for their culture and vision
  • Strengthens brand and reputation by teaching the keys to consistent "organizational messaging"

Making sure employees understand the organization's purpose and direction — and are able to effectively express these things to others — is a key competency for organizations today. 

The world's most successful organizations have one thing in common. Clarity. In these organizations,everyone from the top executive down to the most basic entry level worker knows and can articulate why the organization exists, where It's headed and what the culture is really all about.

In The Clarity Imperative, author and consultant John Jensonuses a variety of inspirational stories to introduce viewers to the importance of "consistent organizational messaging". He shows that when people within an organization share the same understanding of "what we do", "our culture" and"our direction" — to the point where they can succinctly express these things to others — they are easily able to walk their talk. Ultimately the organization separates itself from those that are trying to be all things to everybody. Real-world employees from organizations in such diverse industries as food service, real estate, manufacturing, finance and healthcare provide examples of clarity in action.

Use of this programme can lead to:

  • Effective Talent Management – Organizations recruit for and hire people whose values are in line with those of the organization and who will fit into the culture.
  • Productivity Improvement – Clarity of purpose and direction prevents a lot of wasted time and energy. Leaders and employees can walk away from opportunities/offerings that don't support what the organization is really trying to accomplish. Decision making and goal setting are streamlined.
  • Increased Employee Engagement – People buy in more easily when they are clear about what their organization stands for, where it is headed and how their role plays a part in the overall plan.
  • Improved Sales and Customer Loyalty – Clear messaging leads to a stronger brand. Consistency in messaging increases customer trust and loyalty.

The essence of a brand lies in its consistency. This timely programme gives much needed help to those who have been searching for an effective way to align the organization around a clear message.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide
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Everest - DVD (DS)

Duration: 14 minutes

This incredible true story follows blind man Erik Weihenmayer's quest to reach the summit of the tallest peak in the world – and the amazing team that made it possible.


  • Illustrates the power of a shared vision
  • Demonstrates true teamwork
  • Strengthens leadership skills

Erik Weihenmayer has never believed in limitations – even though he is blind. And he's good at questioning other people's perceptions of his abilities. that's why it was easy to ignore the ones who said he was crazy to pursue his dream of climbing Mount Everest. Erik knew that he couldn't do it alone. And here's the key – he never wanted to. He knew that his vision could only be achieved through the power of teamwork.

Remarkable, yet unfathomable, Everest is essential for anyone who has ever worked on a team — or is responsible for making teams strive to reach higher performance goals. Unlike any other training programme, Erik's journey vividly illustrates the weight and significance of teamwork and leadership at a most crucial time.

Team interviews and footage from the actual climb help viewers learn about:

  • Choosing the right people
  • Keeping the goal in sight
  • Understanding sacrifice
  • Overcoming immense setbacks
  • Believing in the dream

Viewers see the amazing things that are possible when people work together as a cohesive team.


  • DVD plus Ancillary Materials
  • Ancillary Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Participant Workbook
  • Ancillary materials are located on the DVD.

Fun is Good! - DVD (DS)

Duration: 13 minutes

This highly motivational programme takes you behind the scenes at Midway Field in Minnesota, where fun is encouraged daily. Visit a workplace where a costumed pig tosses out the balls, "ushertainers" serenade you in the stands and games are always sold out.

When's the last time you had fun at work? If you can't remember, you're missing out on more than just a few laughs. Go behind the scenes with the Saint Paul Saints, a minor league baseball team that lives its mottFun Is Good.

Three quarters of HR professionals polled agree that companies that promote fun at work are more effective than those that don't. Yet only 2 percent rate their organization as "excellent" with regard to its fun work environment.

See firsthand just how much fun, when combined with commitment, relates to organizational success and personal satisfaction.

Sure, a day at the ballpark might sound like a good time. But when It's your job, it can mean a fifteen-hour day of hard work, whether you're cleaning the bleachers, keeping the books or taking care of customers. How do they do it?

For the people who work here, fun is an attitude. An experience. It's why everyone from head groundskeeper to the president and co-owner is passionate about coming to work. Having fun on the job makes these employees more creative, more productive, and ultimately more satisfied. They don't take themselves too seriously. They treat each other with respect. And they make every day an event.

Key concepts in the video can bring this mindset to any workplace:

  • Discover Your Passion
  • Bring a Positive Attitude
  • Show People You Care

Discussion questions cover leadership and management, teamwork, how to handle change, values, and the challenges of customer service. There are also dozens of innovative ideas for integrating the Fun is Good attitude into any organization – any day and every day.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Participant Workbook
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Race Without a Finish Line - DVD (DS)

Duration: 10 minutes

Staying afloat in the ever-changing sea of corporate competition is no easy task. Expectations have changed, as have the rules and the roles of everyone from Captain to crew. This video shows that new organizational principles are the wave of the future.

Based on the book Race Without a Finish Line: America's Quest for Total Quality, by Warren Schmidt and Jerome Finnigan, this award-winning animated meeting-opener is a must for anyone sailing the changing tides of today's marketplace.

This film explains why the old, traditional way of doing business is no longer effective.Companies characterized by top-heavy management giving orders, employees following those orders without question, and a philosophy that has little room for quality and customer satisfaction, are unlikely to succeed in today's competitive business arena.

Today, the companies that not only survive but succeed and prosper are those that embrace the management and organizational principles of Total Quality Management, Kaizen, empowerment and participative management. These companies are not satisfied with products or services that are "good enough." They continually look for ways to improve what they do in all areas.

Participants will learn:

  • About dispelling the fear of change
  • Why there is so much turbulence and change in organizations
  • The importance of continuous improvement
  • Why team work is essential, and more.


  • DVD plus Downloadable Materials
  • Downloadable Materials:
  • Leader's Guide
  • Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.