The Ethical Type Indicator

by Louie V. Larimer

How do you resolve the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in your life? Can you identify, articulate, and defend the ethical principles that govern and influence your ethical and moral decision-making? What ethical type are you?

The instrument consists of 42 statements reflective of one of six ethical theories. The tool is easy to complete and self-scoring takes only a few minutes.

The Training Manual explains how to use The Ethical Type Indicator with The Seminar on Ethical Reasoning - an experiential workshop in which participants discover, examine, and explore their ethical values and inner ethical constitution.

Conduct a two-hour, half-day or full-day training workshop in your organization to:

  • Demonstrate the organizations commitment to ethical behaviour
  • Provide a framework for understanding how ethical dilemmas can be confronted and resolved in a thoughtful and meaningful way
  • Inspire greater ethical conduct and behaviour within your organization
  • Provide a new and different perspective on diversity and tolerance
  • Discourage wrongful, illegal, and unethical conduct and save your organization in potential litigation costs

There are no right or wrong answers. Respond with personal honesty and candor to:

  • Discover your primary ethical decision-making preference or ethical type
  • Assess the degree to which you are influenced by ethical principles
  • Become empowered to recognize, analyze and resolve future ethical dilemmas

Sample statements:

  • Do you regard written codes of conduct as helpful in resolving ethical dilemmas?
  • Do you believe the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?
  • Are the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of friends an important consideration?

Also included:

  • Explanation of how to interpret and use the raw scores
  • Description of each ethical type
  • Instructions for using the instrument for further self-exploration and communication with others
  • A brief presentation of a disciplined process of ethical reasoning

About the Author

Louie V. Larimer, is the founder and president of Focused Strategies, Inc., a management consulting firm that helps CEOs develop and implement profitable business strategies. He holds a bachelors degree in psychology, masters degree in business administration, and a juris doctorate. Mr. Larimer has taught graduate level courses in management, organizational development, ethics, law, conflict resolution, and negotiations.