So you've been asked to facilitate a training session, but you don't know where to start? Reach for The Facilitator's Toolkit! This collection of over 40 tools, discussions, and case studies is the perfect resource for inexperienced facilitators or employees who are being asked to put together or facilitate a training session. 

Straightforward and practical, The Facilitator's Toolkit is divided into 3 sections:

Part I: Facilitation

Part I answers the question "What is a Facilitator?" and identifies what facilitators are not. It also discusses the different styles available to facilitators as well as the basic skills necessary for effective facilitation - listening and questioning.

Part II: The Toolkit

The Toolkit contains over 40 techniques and approaches ("Tools") facilitators can use to put together a successful learning experience from start to finish. Part II includes Organizing Tools, Tools for Diagnosis and Discussion, Deciding Tools, Tools for Planning, and Tools to Deal with Problems and Sabotage. With experience, facilitators will be able to choose and adapt the Tools they need to meet their training objectives.

Part III: The Toolkit in Action

See how to put the toolkit into action to prepare for and design workshops in Part III. This section also includes three cases studies as examples of how the toolkit was used successfully.