Choose Happiness at Work

Choose Happiness @ Work is a tool for team performance and employee engagement, grounded in solid science.

Choose Happiness at Work gets people talking, laughing, and solving real-world workplace problems while learning science- based strategies to apply at work.

Science suggests that a boost in happiness raises productivity 10-25%. So if this tool makes just one person who's contributing $50,000 of value in a year happier, it has paid for itself 20+ times over, in the first year alone!

Grounded in brain science and psychology, this tool ensures that each person takes away immediately applicable tools, tips and strategies.

By applying knowledge of the brain and how we work together, Choose Happiness @ Work engages adult learners in a unique and powerful way. It is a powerful tool that engages learning, application, humor and team-building in a fun, facilitative experience and it teaches science-based tools in a way that allows people to safely raise and discuss issues, build trust, and boost engagement.

Choose Happiness at Work consists of over 50 common workplace scenarios and over 100 science-based solutions. Each scenario identifies and provides context for a common workplace situation, followed by a succinct scientific justification for why it is a problem at work. Each solution falls within one of four categories: Practice Positivity, Subdue Stress, Flow to Goals, and Revitalize Relationships. The cards provide many unique practice opportunities that meet the needs and working styles of diverse teams.

Practice Positivity:

Practice Positivity Cards present research-based strategies that lead to changes in mindset and attitude, resulting in increased happiness and engagement for you and your colleagues.

Subdue Stress:

Subdue Stress cards identify applicable tips for relaxing about and reframing stress, preventing stress, and effectively coping with excess or prolonged stress.

Flow to Goals:

Flow to Goals cards provide tools for creating clear and meaningful goals, tips for getting into the zone called ‘flow' to make progress towards goals, and strategies for visualizing and celebrating progress.

Revitalize Relationships:

Revitalize relationships cards encourage putting people first and building warm relationships at work through a variety of applicable and science-supported techniques.

In this Choose Happiness @ Work Standard Kit you will receive:

  • 100+ unique science-based solutions
  • 50+ common work scenarios
  • 7 Categories cards
  • 1 Thank You card
  • Access to online resources and a database of scientific sources
  • Full instructions for standard play, plus 19 additional ways to play and 7 facilitation strategies

With 1 copy of Choose Happiness @ Work, you will be able to set up 1 table with up to 10 people each, thereby teaching the science of thriving to up to 10 people at a time.