by Cathy Proviano and the HRDQ Development Team

Enhance your coaching training with Get Fit for Coaching – A Skill Practice Game. Based on the Get Fit for Coaching assessment, this fun and fast-paced game gives participants the opportunity to practice the 5 skills vital to effective coaching: Building Rapport, Observing and Analyzing, Questioning and Listening, Providing Feedback, and Facilitating Learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice and strengthen the 5 key coaching skills
  • Discover how to develop effective coaching relationships and provide a rewarding work environment
  • Learn how to improve others’ performance and maximize potential through coaching


Get Fit for Coaching – A Skill Practice Game is based on the Coaching Process Model addressed in the Get Fit for Coachingassessment. This model illustrates 5 distinct skills associated with successful coaching (the 5 competencies measured in the assessment) and the open flow of communication back and forth between the coach and the person being coached.

How It Works

After a brief presentation on the 5 key coaching skills, teams begin the first round of play, racing against the clock to answer coaching questions and win a chip for each coaching skill. In round 2, pairs of players compete to be the first to win 5 letter cards (one for each of the letters in the word “COACH”).

Uses for Get Fit for Coaching – A Skill Practice Game

Get Fit for Coaching – A Skill Practice Game can be used as a standalone game to build, refresh, or reinforce coaching skills, or as part of a leadership training program. It is also a powerful addition to the Get Fit for Coaching assessment, enabling participants to fine-tune areas of strength and improve skill areas as needed through practice.

What to Order/Product Contents

Each Complete Game includes materials to simultaneously train up to 16 participants or 4 teams of 4 participants. All parts except for the Participant Guides are reusable.

For larger groups, order one Game Pack for each additional team of 4 participants. 

The Get Fit for Coaching Complete Game includes:

  • 1 Facilitator Guide
  • 4 sets of card decks with individual storage cases
  • 4 laminated game cards
  • 16 Participant Guides
  • 120 game chips
  • Sturdy tote bag

The Get Fit for Coaching Extra Game Pack includes:

  • 4 Participant Guides
  • 1 laminated game card
  • 1 card deck in storage case
  • 30 game chips

Facilitator Guide features (included in the complete game):

  • Administrative guidelines
  • Theoretical background
  • Coaching Process Model
  • Overview of the 5 key coaching skills
  • Experiential learning/training methodology
  • Training design options
  • Preparation checklist
  • Blank training outline
  • Sample copy of the Participant Guide
  • CD-ROM (includes overhead transparency masters and 2 Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations)
  • Convenient 3-ring binder

Participant Guide features:

  • Summary of the Coaching Process Model
  • Overview of the 5 key coaching skills
  • An introspective coaching exercise
  • Action planning