by Praccownia Gier Szkoleniowych

Simulated negotiation. Real-world skills.

If you think negotiations are a battle to be won, imagine this…

You know firsthand what the Air Service needs in its aircraft – heck, you've flown the covert operations yourself. Now, as the military Commander of the Air Service, you’re about to take part in the most challenging mission of all: a top-secret meeting with the Heads of the Land and Sea Services to replace an aging fleet of strike fighter jets with just a single model. While you want to fight for the sole interests of the Air Service, you know it could cause you to win the battle… but lose the war. Instead, you must engage your well-honed negotiating skills and collaborate. 

Practice makes perfect.

Before the people in your organization attempt to maneuver through real-world negotiations, give them the opportunity to practice their skills in the safety of the classroom with the action-packed simulation, Strike Fighter. The winner of the NASAGA game design competition, this learning-rich experience is aimed at helping individuals become more competent and confident negotiators by teaching a solid start-to-finish strategy. There isn't a more powerful way to surface strengths and weaknesses, and answer the question: Is the way I approach negotiating successful, and if not, what do I need to change? 

What you will achieve with Strike Fighter

  • Practice using the negotiation process and reflect upon their negotiating skills
  • Understanding of the five main negotiating styles
  • Improved negotiating skills
  • Personal action plan 

Uses for the Simulation

Strike Fighter is effective as a stand-alone activity or as part of a more comprehensive training programme. Here are some suggested applications for the simulation:

  • Introduction to the concept of collaborative negotiating
  • An experiential follow up to the Negotiating Style Profile assessment
  • Basic negotiating skills practice
  • Preparation exercise for sales people or purchasing agents
  • Team building activity for teams that need to collaborate

What to Order

The Strike Fighter Complete Kit provides you with everything you need to train up to 48 people, including a comprehensive Facilitator Guide, card decks, worksheets, and more. .

About the Authors

Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych (PGS)
PGS designs, develops, and facilitates management development games and business simulations for both global corporations and the non-profit sector. With more than two dozen experts on board, PGS specializes in the fields of change management, communication, and teambuilding.