Trust Your Canary: Respect On-The-Go

Are you concerned about deteriorating civility, employee engagement, or risks related to harassment or bullying?

by Sharone Bar-David

Finally, the tools that you have been waiting for are here. Now you can confidently accelerate civility and respect across the board with our high impact, respect-boosting suite of products.

We rewrote the rules for embedding civility into organizational culture.

Trust Your Canary tools equip your leaders and staff with hands-on strategies to prevent and deal with workplace incivility and harassment. These information-packed products inspire and mobilize people to step up in the service of civility and respect.

A first of its kind, Trust Your Canary: Respect on the Go equips your people with hundreds of dynamic tips, useful phrases and strategies to deal with incivility and harassment, presented on appealing cards that make just-in-time learning seem like a walk in the park.

Uses for Trust Your Canary: Respect On-The-Go

  1. Just-in-time learning reference for leaders and staff
  2. Planning tools for individuals facing challenging situations
  3. Empower and equip everyone with tools to stop
  4. Counterproductive behavior in its tracks
  5. Build leaders competencies
  6. Promote a psychologically safe work environment
  7. Incorporate into manager-staff discussions
  8. Use as coaching tools
  9. Lead interventions on dysfunctional teams
  10. Use to clarify expectations in performance evaluations and development plans
  11. Review with new team members as part of orientation

Product Contents:

  • A set of multicolored, durable cards, 5" x 7" each
  • Attractive protective package
  • Staff set includes 20 cards
  • Leaders' pack includes set of staff cards PLUS 11 leaders' cards
  • Each pack contains a menu card
  • Cards can be easily pulled out individually to assist with just-in-time use
  • Space for additional future cards -- no need to pay for new packaging when new cards are introduced over time