Soft-skills learning solutions that help improve the performance of individuals, teams & organizations

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Experiential Learning Solutions & Training Tools for Developing Great People Skills

Whatever your issue or need, we have a solution to help you address it. Our ready-to-train resources range from simple icebreakers and discussion starters to full-length learning experiences. No matter which solutions you choose, you can be assured of a learning event that fully involves your participants and sparks the learning that leads to improved performance and real results.


Solutions that are research-based, theory-driven and field tested, so you can rest assure you will get reliable results every time.


Our products are delivered to you ready to use. With the help of our comprehensive facilitator materials, little prep time is needed in order to deliver a successful training event.

Fast Delivery:

Turnaround time for materials is typically 15 working days. Need it now? Try our digital training solutions – available immediately!

We bring you the best in soft-skills assessments, games, workshops, and simulations for instructor-led learning. Experiential HR training and development solutions that don't just tell you how something should be done - they show you. Employees of all levels will be able to experience, practice, modify, and integrate skills rather than just observe them. 

Our capabilities include a wide range of reproducible learning programmes, assessments, games, activities, and simulations that address the challenges of today’s business community, from coaching and communication, to team building, leadership, and more.

Target Market

Our primary audience includes corporate trainers, human resource professionals, educational institutions, and independent consultants who look to us for research-based solutions to develop key skills such as leadership, communication, coaching, and team building.

Human Resources, Organizational & Leadership Development are keenly aware of the impact that their initiatives have on a changing organizations. As more organizations are realizing this and focusing their investment on their people, brand, and culture, we need easy access to resources, tools, and solutions that can take their organization to a positive and successful future state.

Whether you work internally or externally, a consultant or part of a team, or new to organizational development, leadership development, or human resources, we can help to reach the next level and expand your people within the organization.

Introducing HRDQ

Experiential Training & Development Resources

HRDQ is a leader in the development of soft-skills experiential learning solutions that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.

They believe an experiential approach is the best catalyst for adult learning. The unique HRDQ Experiential Learning Model has been the core of what they do for more than 30 years. Combining the best of organizational learning theory and proven facilitation methods with an appreciation for adult learning styles, their philosophy initiates and inspires lasting change.

Experience shows that people learn better by doing. The training solutions don't just tell how something should be done - they show you! The customizable workshops, interactive games, energizing activities and insightful assessments involve participants effectively. Using the training materials, frontline employees and senior executives alike will reflect, experience, practice, modify, and integrate skills rather than just observe them. This way, they can confidently apply what they've learned to their own work and perform better.

The HRDQ Experiential Learning Model ™ is the fundamental element in each of the products. It mixes organizational theory and proven facilitation methods with a high level of interaction and an appreciation for adult learning styles. Their engaging exercises uncover the value of the demonstrated skills and lead to quantifiable results for your organization.

HRDQ understand that placing people in situations where they can both learn and practice new skills increases the likeliness of successfully transferring and adapting those skills to their workplace. It’s all about the experience.

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