Available in both Online and Paper-Based Format

Change is here to stay; there's no doubt about it. But in today's empowered workplace, change leadership has, well, changed. What was once the role of senior management is now the day-to-day responsibility of individuals throughout the organization, from the execs at the tip of the pyramid to the frontline employees at the base. 

And that's good news. Why? Because studies show that change efforts are more successful when they're implemented by the people they impact most. Regardless of authority or position, the ability to champion change has become a key factor in professional and organizational performance.

Leading Change at Every Level is the combination self-assessment and training workshop that measures skill level and develops the five behaviours of effective change leaders: Modelling the Change, Communicating About the Change, Involving Others in the Change, Helping Others Break from the Past, and Creating a Supportive Environment for the Change.

Learning Outcomes 

  •      Measure current change leadership abilities
  •      Understand effective change leadership behaviours
  •      Develop change leadership skills
  •      Generate support for change efforts
  •      Improve the ability to lead change initiatives

Packed with step-by-step facilitator guidance, a three-hour programme outline, several skill practice activities, action planning worksheets, a real-world case study, reproducible article, and lots of ideas for customizing the learning experience, Leading Change at Every Level is your comprehensive toolkit for building confident change leaders from top to bottom.

How it Works 

The Leading Change at Every Level Assessment is available in both online and printed formats. The inventory takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and we recommend you allow up to an hour for the interpretation of results, debrief, and action planning. 

Using a current change initiative as a frame of reference, individuals respond to a series of 30 statements, choosing from a five-point scale of "Almost Always True" to "Almost Always Untrue." Results reveal a personal profile and an Overall Effectiveness Score. Effectiveness in each of the Five Dimensions of Leading Change is also identified. 

In addition to the inventory, the Leading Change at Every Level Facilitator Set includes tools to lead a powerful three-hour training session, from comprehensive background information and step-by-step instructions to skill-practice activities, action-planning worksheets, a real-world case study, reproducible article, alternative training options, and a professional Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Trainer certification is not required to administer or facilitate Leading Change at Every Level

Uses and Applications 

Leading Change at Every Level can be used as a stand-alone learning instrument or part of a more comprehensive curriculum. It's appropriate for any individual in the midst of leading a change effort, including team leaders, project managers, frontline supervisors, and middle managers. It's ideal as a:

  •      Skill predictor and development tool in advance of a new change effort
  •      Method of evaluating change leadership effectiveness during a recent change
  •      Utensil for employees and managers to identify necessary actions
  •      Centrepiece of a change management training programme

Target Audience 

Individuals at all levels of the organization, especially those charged with leading a change initiative 

Product Type 

Self-assessment and workshop 


Five behavioural dimensions critical to change leadership effectiveness 


  •      Modelling the Change
  •      Communicating About the Change
  •      Involving Others in the Change
  •      Helping Others Break from the Past
  •      Creating a Supportive Environment for the Change

Time Required 

  •      Administration: 20 minutes
  •      Interpretation: 1 hour
  •      Workshop: 3 hours