Pen & Paper Games

by Lucy Seifert

A picture tells a thousand words, right? This cliché is true even in the training room. Challenge your participants to expand their minds through drawing, writing, and group speaking with Pen and Paper Games for Training, a collection of 40 activities that exercise both the logical left and creative right sides of the brain. 

Appropriate for both group learning and one-to-one coaching, Pen and Paper Games for Training has many different applications including communication, presentation, listening, and problem-solving skill development. The exercises range from quick, adrenalin-raising energizers to complex activities.

Use Pen and Paper Games for Training to:

  • Relax participants at the start of a learning experience.
  • Develop visual, auditory, linguistic, and interpersonal skills.
  • Involve diverse personalities.
  • Encourage thinking "outside the box."
  • Create an explosion of ideas.

Easy to set up, use, and facilitate, these games rarely require more than just pen and paper, flipcharts and markers. Whether you use the collection in its entirety or choose selected activities, you'll engage your participants by putting the fun back into training!