Paperback - 451 pages

Authors: Pamela Corbett MA, Catherine Jourdan MAEd, Roger Pearman EdD, and Judy Aanstad PhD

Did you know that... 

  • 95% of the measured behaviors that produce leadership effectiveness are related to Emotional Intelligence
  • The single greatest factor in overall personal happiness is the quality of relationships enhanced through Emotional Intelligence
  • Every study that looks at a team effectiveness or high performing group finds that Emotional Intelligence is the difference between effectiveness and failure
  • 90% of those who have higher Emotional Intelligence advance in their careers and have more opportunities

Performance, career opportunities, well-being, and satisfying relationships are enhanced through Emotional Intelligence. You can identify and master the 54 EQ competencies that make a difference for you by using the action tips action tips and learning resources that target the behaviors that matter in the People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence.

From the People Skills Handbook you gain:

  • specific know-how to improve your emotional intelligence
  • action tips on the areas you most need to develop
  • resource suggestions to take you to a deeper understanding
  • learning activities to integrate your EQ insights into your daily habits
  • applications for using the EQ competencies in all areas of life

Part 1

Provides you with an understanding of people skills and how to put the ideas into your personal action plan.

Part 2

Covers the 54 EQ competencies, complete with definitions, action tips, and learning resources.

Part 3

Gives you specific Toolboxes to help you apply the 54 EQ competencies