The Ultimate Training Resource 

The Pfeiffer Library Version 4.0 is a CD-based compilation of more than 2,500 tools and resources from the complete collection of the well-known Pfeiffer Annuals and Handbooks. It's packed with 40 years worth of reproducible and ready-to-use classroom exercises, assessments, and theoretical backgrounds from many of the most respected authors in the training industry – all in one compact and convenient resource. 

Update Version 4.0 

With the new version 4.0, you also have access to every major learning theory, as well as hundreds of training games, ice breakers, openers, closers, energizers, and other quick, fun classroom activities.

Use the library to teach a multitude of workplace-training topics to learners at any level in an organization, from leadership and communication skills to negotiating and problem solving. 

Here’s a taste  of what’s included:

•    Assessments
•    Experiential exercises
•    Handouts 
•    Essays
•    Case studies
•    Ice breakers
•    Games

The Pfeiffer Library Version 4.0 makes your job as a trainer simple. No more fumbling over multiple resources or researching for hours. Everything in the library is easy to find. Everything is yours to keep, reproduce, customize, distribute, and put to work. No strings attached.

The list of people who contributed the classroom activities, created the assessments, and wrote essays for the Pfeiffer Library 4.0 reads like an honor roll covering four decades of corporate-training history, including J. William Pfeiffer, John E. Jones, Warren Bennis, Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan, James M. Kouzes, and Marshall Sashkin, to name just a few.

Uses for the Pfeiffer Library 4.0

The Pfeiffer Library 4.0 is designed to support a wide array of training challenges. It contains more than 2,500 tools, including hundreds of icebreakers, instruments, and experiential learning activities to address a wide range of training topics, including: 

•    Change Management
•    Communication
•    Conflict Management
•    Diversity
•    Leadership
•    Management
•    Negotiating
•    Organization Development
•    Problem Solving
•    Team Building

How it Works

The Pfeiffer Library 4.0 is intended as a working resource – a trainer’s toolbox. Anything in it may be reproduced, adapted, customized, and distributed as you see fit for your training purposes. Just pick the right tool for the job at hand, and put it to work.

Navigating the contents is simple. You can search by topic, type of tool, author, time required, and keyword.