by Dennis Cavendish, Miki Lane, Marilynne Malkin, and Wendy Shanken

Stepping Up is a management development training programme for new supervisors, managers, and leaders. The program offers a basic understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and expectations required to be successful, and it guides supervisors in developing an actionable plan for personal growth.

Statistics show that only 60% of new supervisors are successful. So what happens to the other 40%? They’re either fired for lack of performance or step down from the position voluntarily. Problem is, not many new or aspiring supervisors have any idea of what is expected of them – or what it takes to lead others. So how can you as a trainer improve the odds of success?

Stepping Up provides new supervisors with an accurate picture of what it truly means to be a supervisor. This one-day workshop takes a different angle than most supervisory training programmes. Rather than focusing on typical day-to-day tasks such as planning, budgeting, and problem solving, Stepping Up targets people skills as the foundation for success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the scope of the supervisory role

  • Develop the skills that are required to be a supervisor

  • Learn what principles are needed to build credibility

  • Discover the real-life concerns, challenges, and pitfalls of being a supervisor

  • Create an action-oriented decision-making performance model

Theory and Development

Stepping Up is based on three decades of professional contacts with supervisors. Over the years, the authors interviewed and job-shadowed countless numbers of supervisors in their own work environments in all industry sectors. The interviews had a common message that led the authors to two important conclusions. First, much of the success of organizations can be directly linked to the efforts of first-line supervisors. And second, organizational success is dependent upon supervisors possessing the right skill-set, mind-set, and commitment to excellence. Stepping Up was designed with this research and conclusions in mind.

Uses for the Programme

Stepping Up is an excellent starting point for supervisors who are new to their role. It has many applications for supervisory training, including:

  • A standalone training programme for new and inexperienced supervisors
  • Part of a larger supervisory-skills training initiative
  • Preparation for aspiring supervisors or those considering a supervisory role

How It Works

Stepping Up is intended for a classroom training environment. It includes all of the materials facilitators need to deliver a full-day programme.

The comprehensive Facilitator Guide is fully scripted and comes complete with PowerPoint slides, supporting materials, and a CD-ROM. While Stepping Up is considered ready-to-use, there are ample opportunities for trainers to customize the programme to meet specific objectives.

Supervisors will appreciate the accompanying Participant Workbook. It is an excellent takeaway that includes a skills-based self assessment, development worksheets and strategies, and a customizable action plan for personal growth.

What to Order

You will need to order a Facilitator Guide per trainer, plus one Participant Workbook for each individual learner. 

Each time you administer the simulation, you will need to order a new Participant Workbook for each individual. Additional Facilitator Guides are also available for individual purchase if you have additional trainers or require a new copy.

Product Type: Instructor-led Programme

Time Required: One day


Miki Lane
Marilynne Malkin
Wendy Shanken
Dennis Cavendish