10 Adventures in Working Together

by Michele Barcaand Kate Cobb

You are a member of a space crew who has crash-landed on the planet of Acrab. After being taken captive by aliens, the only way you can escape is to rebuild your transformational girospeckter. But can your team solve the alien’s puzzles quickly enough to repair your spaceship and get away?

Challenge your participants’ imaginations with TeamBuilders: 10 Adventures in Working Together, a new collection of learning events that encourage the exploration of team skills through the use of fantasy scenarios. The TeamBuilders adventures, based on Experiential Learning Methodology, guide participants through five phases of learning:

  1. Experiencing: Formulating ideas and gathering information during the learning experience.

  2. Sharing: Articulating the learning experience to other participants.

  3. Interpreting: Understanding the skills and behaviors experienced.

  4. Generalizing: Developing testable hypotheses from the learning experience.

  5. Applying: Bridging the present and future by understanding how generalizations can be used in the workplace

TeamBuilders enhances the development of five fundamental team skills:

  • Decision Making

  • Problem Solving

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Leadership

TeamBuilders also addresses critical secondary skills such as trust, managing diversity, assertiveness, influence, conflict management, negotiating, and more. Activities may be used independently or paired together as part of team training.
Organized in a 3-ring binder, each TeamBuilders simulation contains background information and facilitator instructions, as well as reproducible participant materials including role-specific briefing information , observer instructions, discussion questions, and a team skill handout. TeamBuilders also includes a CD-ROM containing printable files of the reproducible participant materials.

TeamBuilders is also available in a PDF digital format.