Volume I & II

by Pat Cochrane

Everyone has been on the receiving end of poor telephone skills, yet none of us recognize the same faults in ourselves. The Telephone Skills Training Manuals, consisting of two separate volumes for inbound and outbound calls, is designed to introduce, reinforce, and strengthen fundamental telephone skills for handling customer service and sales calls. The activities encourage participants to reflect on their experiences, share successes, learn from past mistakes, and practice new skills and techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and strengthen telephone skills
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Observe behavior
  • Give and receive effective feedback
  • Create a supportive work environment

Volume One

38 Activities for Mastering Inbound Calls

  • How to Develop Your Telephone Personality
  • Building Rapport with the Customer
  • The Importance of Listening
  • The Criteria of a Successful Inbound Call
  • Handling a Complaint on the Telephone
  • and more...

Volume Two

22 Activities for Mastering Outbound Calls

  • How to Turn Customers on to Your Proposition
  • Quoting the Price and Asking for an Order
  • Handling Rejection in a Positive Way
  • The Cold Call
  • Telephone Account Management
  • and more...

The Telephone Skills Training Manuals are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their inbound, outbound, and basic telephone skills, including receptionists, telephone sales staff, customer service representatives, credit control staff, and other specialists.

Organized as either a 3-ring binder or digital format, each volume includes a planning checklist, a training needs questionnaire, a closing checklist, tips for trainers, reproducible participant handouts and worksheets, facilitator instructions, overhead transparency masters, and action plans.