A card game to rethink learning in organisations

This card game helps to accelerate learning in organisations. It is a special edition game made in collaboration with Dare to Learn, the biggest learning festival in Northern Europe. Use it to reflect on learning strategies, rethink your ideas and take action.
Let's Dive into Learning Strategies

This game includes three sets of cards, which can be played separately as three independent game sessions, or one after the other, in one single session.

Build organisational learning capacity

Spark dialogue about learning strategies in organisations, rethink existing ideas with a twist and take insights into action

Adapt the game to your needs

Designed for flexible use; the game is great for increasing participation in workshops, L&D away days and larger events.

Create dialogue

It can be used inside training programmes as an interactive exercise as well as in meetings with small groups.

Use Cases

  • Workshops and learning events: The game works well inside training programmes and workshops as an activity to get participants interacting in small groups.
  • Team meetings: Create an activity for a team meeting or away day that engages participants intellectually, while building a shared vocabulary and new ideas.
  • Learning & Development Programmes: Create a shared vocabulary with your L&D team and take the dialogue on learning to another level.
  • Customer gifts: The game is a creative and useful gift or take-away for any corporate learning program or event participants.

Who Is It For

The game is a tool for all learning and development practitioners and consultants alike. 
It is ideal for: 
  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Executive-, agile- and life coaches
  • Learning and development teams
  • Group HR
  • Organisational learning groups and networks
  • Learning and development enthusiasts

What's Included

  • 15 Reflect cards: Use as an ice-breaker to create dialogue on learning.
  • 15 Rethink cards: Use as a brainstorming tool to spark new ideas.
  • 12 Act cards (6 x Dare and 6 x Learn): Use to transform insights into action.
  • 6 Licence to Dare cards: Deal one for each player at the beginning of a game session.
  • Game instructions and a downloadable game instructions presentation