This practical learning game is a simple tool to understand and use the GROW coaching model in action. The game encourages peer coaching and helps managers to practice a coaching approach without the need to be a certified coach.
Create Strong Trusting Collaboration

This game is based on the renowned GROW coaching model to transform a management culture and create a stronger and more trusting collaboration.

Focus on Questions

With the game, you can develop managers’ coaching skills to enable them to lead with questions rather than by telling their team members what to do.

Manager as Coach

The game is an ideal add-on to existing “manager as coach” programmes as a concrete practice tool which participants can leave with. Hands-on learning. It can be used inside training programmes as an interactive exercise as well as in meetings with small groups.

Use Cases

  • Workshops and learning events
  • Peer coaching and team meetings
  • “Manager as Coach” programme
  • Coaching situations at work
  • Customer gifts

Who Is It For

The game is a great practical tool for managers without previous coaching experience,  It enables managers to develop a coaching mindset which focuses on asking questions rather than giving answers.  It is also used by:
  • Coaches and facilitators to create peer coaching sessions
  • L&D corporate programmes
  • Executive education and management training
  • Team leaders and line managers

What's Included

  • The game includes 54 playing cards including 10 My Challenge Cards, 10 Goal Question Cards, 10 Reality Question Cards, 10 Option Question Cards, 10 Way Forward Question Cards.
  • Game instructions and a downloadable recording sheet.