Engaging question cards to spark insights on learning

Embark on a journey of learning and growth! Transform your next workshop or corporate training wth our great personal development tool.  Get the creative juices flowing with our legendary game, Insight Cards on Personal Development.
Inspire Dialogue on Personal Growth

Our Insight Cards on Personal Development are easy-to-use and suitable for multiple corporate training settings. Team leaders and facilitators all over the world use the cards in workshop to inspire dialogue in small groups.

Based on the latest management theories as well as neuroscience, this game tool draws on powerful questions about learning and growth.

Create a trusting context

Give space for everyone to express themselves and observe the different mental models emerging, without judgment or feedback.

Give space for insights

Learning often comes when we make new connections from past experience. This leads us to see, think and act differently.

10–45 min flexible use

Up to 15 players with one deck

54 playing cards

Use Cases

Training Programmes and Corporate Workshops

The Insight Cards work well inside training programmes and workshops as an activity to get participants interacting in small groups.

Team Meetings or Away Days

Create an activity for a team meeting or away day that engages participants intellectually, while building a shared vocabulary and new ideas.

Networking Events

Break the ice in a networking event by sharing powerful question cards on tables and invite participants to create a dialogue on personal development practices.

Customer gifts

The Insight Card deck is a creative and useful gift or take-away for any corporate learning programme or event participants.

Who Is It For

The insight cards are suitable for anyone who want to host participative group meetings and workshops.
They are ideal for:
  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Executive and life coaches
  • Team leaders and line managers.
  • Workshop and event organisers
  • HRD professionals looking to support management
  • Personal development enthusiasts.

What's Included

  • The game deck includes 40 powerful question cards on personal development and 12 “what if” questions to spark out of the box thinking and helping players to generate good questions themselves.
  • The card deck comes in a durable and classy box to protect the game for years to come.
  • When you purchase the deck, you will get access to online resources with further ideas for variations of the gameplay.