An innovative Workshop Kit

The Unicorn Game is the ultimate kit for creating an engaging innovation workshop. With the kit, you can set up a powerful and participative training session for business leaders and innovators.
Think Like A Startup

Players learn how to think like a startup and create incredible innovations. A workshop in a box, you get everything to engage 9 to 30 participants in an exciting, participative learning experience.

60–90 min

Up to 30 players with one deck

84 playing cards

Use Cases

Boost Corporate Training

Use the kit to create an engaging workshop inside your corporate learning program. Learn more here, if you want to hire an experienced external facilitator to run the game.

Change Mindsets

The Unicorn Game is a powerful experience to help participants develop their innovation capacity. You can build on the game to link topics such as Storytelling, Pitching, Customer Centricity, Business Model Innovation.

Dazzle Your Customers

Create an awesome experience for the participants. Fast-paced and collaborative, the game will be the highlight of a training programme.

Roll Out Organisational Change

Building a culture of innovation requires a roll-out in scale. Some companies have delivered the Unicorn game to more than 1000 employees in the space of a few months. To develop a roll out plan or train in-house trainers, please get in touch.

Who Is It For

  • Innovation managers and directors
  • Corporate accelerators
  • Leadership and innovation trainers and training managers
  • Innovation and design thinking agencies and consultancies
  • Startup accelerators and co-working spaces
  • Executive education and management training
  • L&D corporate programmes

What's Included

  • 84 playing cards, including 15 Megatrend cards, 15 Business Model cards, 15 Offering Cards, 30 Investor Persona Cards (6 Personas x 5), 5 Pitching Guideline cards, and general information cards.
  • Game rule sheet
  • Access to the game resources online:
    • A slide set for the Game Master to present during play and guide the players through the experience step by step.
    • An agenda planner for the Game Master to plan the timings of your workshop minute by minute.
    • A calculation sheet for the game results.
    • Printable hand-outs for the players, incl. Investment recording sheets.