An Innovative Workshop Kit

Unlimited is a design thinking game for leaders and managers. Like a workshop in a box, you can use it to introduce design thinking in your company. With the game materials, you can create a 1-hour engaging learning experience.
Learn to Create Unlimited Solutions

This game will challenge participants to create Unlimited solutions to wicked problems. Small teams will experience what design thinking means in action, by building user personas, defining problem statements, brainstorming what if -ideas and crafting quick prototypes of their ideas.

Complete Design Thinking Process

The players go from empathy to ideation and prototyping in 45 minutes. Active learning experience. With the game, you can create an experiential workshop. If fits in corporate trainings on innovation and design as well as management events, courses and creative processes.

A Perfect Introduction to Design Thinking

No previous experience of design thinking required. One deck works with up to 10 players. You can easily accommodate the game for larger groups by sourcing more copies of the game.

60–90 min

Up to 10 players with one deck

54 playing cards

Use Cases

Content for Corporate Training

Use the kit to create an engaging workshop on design thinking inside your corporate learning program. Learn more here, if you want to hire an experienced external facilitator to run the game.

Workshop of Event

Unlimited Design Thinking Game is a powerful experience to help participants think in a user centric way and experience design thinking in action. You can build on the game to link topics such as Customer Centricity, Service Design and agile development.

Dazzling Your Customers

Create an awesome experience for the participants. Insightful and collaborative, the game will be the highlight of a training programme.

Rolling Out Organisational Change

Building a culture of innovation requires a roll-out in scale. To develop a roll out plan or train in-house trainers, please get in touch.

Who Is It For

The Unlimited Design Thinking game has been designed together with design thinking professionals. It works well with:
  • Innovation managers and directors
  • Agile coaches and inhouse facilitators
  • Line managers and anyone who needs an introduction to design thinking in action
  • Design thinking professionals, consultants and facilitators
  • Executive education and management training
  • L&D corporate programmes

What's Included

  • 54 playing cards, including 10 job to be done cards, 10 pain cards, 10 gain cards and 20 what if cards
  • Access to the game resources online:
    • A slideset for the Game Master to present during play and guide the players through the experience step by step
    • Game instructions leaflet
    • Download link to printable User Persona Sheets