2nd Edition

Send supervisors on a memorable exploration of supervisory skills with Flight from Savo, HRDQ’s exciting hands-on adventure game. Participants experience first-hand the fundamental supervisory skills presented in Supervisory Skills Questionnaire: Guiding the Work, Organizing the Work, Developing Your Staff, Managing Performance, and Managing Relations.

The Scenario

On an expedition to study volcanoes, you and your group of scientists barely escape injury when your vintage World War II aircraft crashes on the remote island of Savo. The only way off the island is to construct a Stearman PT-13D plane from a cache of old parts discovered on the island. Can your supervisor get your group to build the escape plane in time — before the volcano erupts?

Learning Outcomes

  •       Learn 5 fundamental supervisory skills
  •       Practice the 5 skills in an engaging “live” group project
  •       Receive direct feedback on skill strengths and weaknesses
  •       Understand the challenges of being a supervisor
  •       Determine which skills one can apply to be more effective on the job


The ability to balance the goals of the organization with the needs of the work group is the common thread that runs through 5 key supervisory skill dimensions. These dimensions are the focus of Flight from Savo and include:

  • Guiding the Work: Taking the direction of the organization and translating it into actionable plans for the work group.
  • Organizing the Work: Assigning people, equipment, and tasks to meet work goals.
  • Developing Your Staff: Actively working to increase the skill level of each employee being supervised.
  • Managing Performance: Removing the obstacles to better performance so employees can meet their own and the organization’s objectives.
  • Managing Relations: Developing and maintaining good relationships with other groups so that the supervisor’s employees and the organization meet their goals.

How It Works

This exciting simulation game demonstrates how a supervisor puts the 5 key supervisory skills to work.

Presented with a predetermined set of toy parts and charged with building an escape plane, each group elects a supervisor who guides the construction project using the 5 supervisory skills. A series of “Setbacks” and “Lucky Breaks” both complicates and facilitates the group’s work, and challenges the supervisor. The simulation ends when the reconstructed plane is deemed airworthy. 

After the models are completed (approximately 60 minutes later), participants take part in a group discussion on the use of the 5 supervisory skills used during the activity. 

Uses for Flight from Savo 

Flight from Savo is designed for supervisors with minimum to moderate experience, but it can also be used as a refresher for more seasoned supervisors. We recommend using the game in conjunction with our best-selling learning instrument, the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire. Based on the same model, the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire pinpoints skill strengths and weaknesses. Flight from Savo then offers supervisors a fun and interactive way to practice, experience, and discuss the key skills.

What to Order/Product Contents 

Each Complete Game includes materials to simultaneously train up to 3 teams of 5-7 participants each. All parts except for the Participant Guides are reusable. Refill packs of 5 Participant Guides are available for purchase. For larger groups, order Extra Game Packs and Participant Guides. Our Customer Service Team is available to assist you in determining your materials needs.
The Flight from Savo Complete Game includes:

  •       1 Facilitator Guide
  •       3 sets of game parts
  •       21 Participant Guides
  •       3 decks of Lucky Break cards
  •       3 decks of Set Back cards
  •       1 mood-setting audio CD
  •       1 presentation CD
  •       3 laminated instruction cards
  •       1 stopwatch
  •       3 rubberized tablemats
  •       1 pad observer forms
  •       1 pad reflection questions
  •       1 plastic card case
  •       1 sturdy tote bag

The Flight from Savo Extra Game Pack includes:

  • 7 Participant Guides
  • 1 set of game parts
  • 1 deck of Lucky Break cards
  • 1 deck of Set Back cards
  • 1 instruction card
  • 1 rubberized table mat

Facilitator Guide includes:

  • Administrative guidelines
  • Theoretical background
  • Experiential learning/training methodology
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Description of the Supervisory Skills Model
  • Training design options
  • Blank training outline
  • Sample copy of the Participant Guide
  • CD with mood-setting soundtrack
  • CD-ROM containing Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and reproducible masters, including a Certificate of Achievement, Training Evaluation, and overhead transparency masters

Participant Guide includes:

  • Scenario description
  • Reflection questions
  • Description of the 5 Supervisory Skills
  • Action planning