Testimonials (Denise Van Heerden, Managing Partner)

Jacqui Kingston, Learning eXperience Leader, Africa - Aurecon
  • "Denise and I have worked together since 2013. Over the years I have relied upon a number of resources and educational games offered through the organization. Denise has been an absolute pleasure to work with and often recommended the ideal resource to suit programmes which I designed across change management, team alignment and leadership development. Many times I have relied on Denise to ensure I met very tight delivery deadlines and she always ensured open communication channels and kept to strict deadlines even if challenged with import delays etc. I have recommended Denise to many people in my network confidently. It is a pleasure to work with Denise when I can".
Shirlene Smits, Senior Programme Manager - Gordon Institute of Business Science
  • "Denise is great to work with, she is super reliable and efficient. I have worked with her for a few years now. Nothing is ever too much to ask, and she always delivers on time if not way before the deadline".
Andy Brown, Coach & Master Facilitator - Andy Brown Coaching & Training 
  • "Denise has earned my utmost respect and loyalty! Having been introduced to her about 12 years ago, she has been a constant and amazingly reliable source of advice and relevant material. She certainly is by no means a product pusher. Every time I approach her, she really gets involved and asks questions (to mention a few) like "What's the context?", "Who is the audience?", "What are you trying to achieve?". Only then will she make suggestions as to what course/product would be the most appropriate. Fantastic dedication, caring and service! Highly recommended!!"
Monica Groome, Group Human Resources Manager - Sturrock & Robson Industries 
  • "I highly recommend Denise for her prompt and professional service".
Brian du Preez, Director – duPzin Designs & Ignite Auto Service Centre  
  • "I initially met Denise at Win-Win Learning & Development Resources at my request following an interest in the Learning and Training programmes she offered, then later via The L&D Resource Centre. Denise has extensive knowledge in L&D resources. She is a very passionate and driven individual. During our engagements, she is professional and has excellent relationship management skills and conversed easily with members of my staff. Her results-oriented and focused approach to business solutions enabled us to get what we were looking for in good time and with lots of support. If the opportunity presented itself again, I would definitely make use of her services. Hence, I confidently recommend her service".
Lindie Geyser, Head Organizational Development - Momentum Retail (MMI)  
  • "Denise is a dependable and personable person. She has provided many resources for our company. She has walked the extra mile to ensure efficient service delivery and displays great results time and again. She delivers excellent work at a reasonable cost".
Marion Stone, Performance Consultant and Director - Cornerstone Connections  
  • "I have bought training resources and tools from Denise on numerous occasions and each time the advice has been good and the service excellent. She is helpful and knowledgeable". 
Frik Reynecke, Change Management Manager - Cassidian, United Arab Emirates  
  • "Denise Van Heerden provides excellent advice and client service in relation to training related material.  She has a deep knowledge about training and provides good value for money products/solutions.  She delivers very quickly and is reliable".
Bianca Clarke, Advisor Capability Development – Rio Tinto  
  • "Denise has given us the best service to date. She is prompt in responding to our requests and goes the extra mile to ensure that we are happy and satisfied. She is proactive and agile and is definitely customer focused. I highly recommend her".
Alexander Jahn, Partner - Aplocure  
  • "Denise takes time to fully understand the needs (both stated and unstated) of her clients to craft solution alternatives based on her extensive experience in the arena of learning solutions.  Denise maintains consistent and effective contact with her clients throughout the engagement process which reinforces the feeling of "being in capable hands".  I have no hesitation in recommending Denise as a Learning Solutions provider and will certainly use her services again in the future".
Kerry Crandon, Group Communications Manager - Mondi  
  • "Denise has an unstoppable passion that is inspiring and delivers results".
Jane Merchant, Customer Service Representative - HRDQ, USA  
  • "I have worked with Denise for in excess of 10 years and she is a wonderful partner. She is dedicated in her role and always keeps on top of our latest products to offer her clients. She is very friendly and a pleasure to work with".
Sara Montgomery, Business Development Manager - HRDQ, USA  
  • "Denise is a true pleasure to work with! She is very thorough answering client questions and understanding the products she provides. She works collaboratively in all aspects of business and takes initiative to launch new ideas".
Alexander Jahn, Managing Director - The Win Win Group  
  • "Denise is a results orientated individual that has independently built our learning solutions department into an effective profit centre. She has sourced and secured an expansive network of clients both domestically and internationally. Denise has an engaging style that effectively builds trust with clients. A great asset to the business"!
Paul van Musschenbroek, Director - The Win Win Group  
  • "Denise displays dedication and commitment.  Her role as client management and customized learning solutions provider is carried out with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. Denise is one of the few people I have worked with on whom I can always rely".