Trainer Evaluation Tools & resources

As professionals in this field, you’ll be faced with the task of evaluation of employees in addition to training new resources and recruits. Hence, personal trainer resources and employee review templates are just two things that you need. 
With the amount of experience we have in this domain, we developed tools to calculate the ROI on such investments. One of them, The Bottom-line on ROI is an incredibly flexible training tool that can be customized as per your needs.  And, if you want to tailor an exercise to meet your specific learning objectives, try the Reproducible Simulations Library and the Customizable Training Games. Both solutions are fully customizable!

101 Ways to Make Training Active

Tips incorporated in the book's top ten lists show how to build quality, activity, variety, and direction into your training programmes.

2013 Pfieffer Annuals

The latest volumes of the popular Pfeiffer Annuals are here! The 2013 series offers unique activities, articles, and instruments from the top experts, consultants, and practitioners in the field of management development training.

58.5 Ways to Improvise in Training Activities

58½ Ways to Improvise in Training is more than just simply a collection of icebreakers. The activities are quick and the well-organized binder makes facilitation a cinch. The activities are categorized by learning objective, and include detailed administrative guidelines and ideas for variation and development.

Bottomline on ROI Workshop, The

Created by the world-renowned experts Drs. Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips, The Bottomline on ROI Workshop is a flexible, modular programme that introduces the ROI Methodology and offers a practical and proven framework for evaluating and reporting the results of all types of performance improvement programmes, organizational initiatives, projects, and processes.

Choosing and Using Music in Training

Use music confidently in your training programme with Choosing and Using Music in Training. Not just a "how-to" resource, this book comes packaged with an audio CD of 20 specially selected tracks - nearly 70 minutes of music!

Compact Cases

Why spend your valuable time writing case studies? With Compact Cases, we’ve done the work for you! This customizable, reproducible collection features 44 succinct situations and role plays that cover a wide variety of training topics.

Customizable Training Games

Available for immediate download, these PowerPoint®-based games feature one-click scoring, colourful graphics, and custom animations. Sound effects, custom graphics, and functionality are built in, so all you have to do is enter your questions and answers into the template slides, and you’re ready to go.

Do Your Best!

Do Your Best is a set of activities that demonstrates the key principles of setting direction in an organization, group, or team. The activities provide a stimulating means of uncovering the crucial principles of setting mission, vision, and goals.

Energizers Activities

Your participants have just returned from lunch and their eyes are glazing over. Don’t despair - energize them! The icebreakers and energizers in this collection can be used at any point during any type of training session.

Facilitator's Toolkit, The

The Facilitator's Toolkit contains over 40 tools, discussions, and case studies. It's the ideal resource for inexperienced facilitators or employees who are being asked to put together or facilitate a training session.

Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit

The Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit is an invaluable resource for learning professionals improving their ability to evaluate, refine and promote the training they provide. Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation provide a solid framework for understanding the real effect your training programmes have on your organization, from individual learners to the company's bottom line.

Meeting Repair Kit

Designed to be used one at a time or in sequence, each module includes a short survey to determine developmental needs, criteria for effective meetings, tools for repairing meeting skills, skill-building activities, and more!

NASAGA Training Activity Book, The

With contributions from experts in the field, this important volume includes 28 ready-to-use activities spanning a variety of training topics: communication, conflict management, creativity, team-building, decision-making, problem-solving, customer service, and sales and marketing.

PartnerPower Programme

Partnering, a synergistic alliance between two organizations, can lead to greater productivity, reduced costs, and increased marketplace value for both parties involved. But to be successful, these coalitions require a high degree of trust, a strong desire for mutual gains, and extensive information sharing.

Pfeiffer CD Library 4.0

The Pfeiffer Library Version 4.0 is a CD-based compilation of more than 2,500 tools and resources from the complete collection of the well-known Pfeiffer Annuals and Handbooks. It includes 40 years worth of reproducible and ready-to-use classroom exercises, assessments, and theoretical backgrounds from many of the most respected authors in the training industry.

Reproducible Simulations Library

Here’s a way to get instant access to an incredible library of content at your fingertips. Introducing the Reproducible Simulations Library, a robust collection of 24 downloadable simulations on compelling soft-skills topics such as decision making, ethics, customer service, giving feedback, negotiation, sales skills, delegation, leadership, and more.

Stress Control Card

Don't underestimate the power and pull of this little card. It's simple, it's fun, and it's something your participants can carry away and use, over and over again.


"Be a Leader" Thumball; "Team Dynamics" Thumball; "The Diversity" Thumball

Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed vinyl ball that has 32 panels pre-printed with questions. 

A fun training tool that tackles difficult topics with smarts and sensitivity. Toss it around in a group and ask participants to share their reaction to whatever prompt lies under their thumb.

Unforgettable Experiential Activities for Training

Here is a resource that will help any trainer to engage participants in active, experiential learning. Mel Silberman’s collection includes 75 original activities for today’s most popular topics, such as leadership, communication, team building, and more.