The Reproducible Training Activity Collection (Print & Digital)

From ice breakers and discussion starters to case studies and mini-workshops, the Training Activity Collection is a great way to provide fun and engaging experiences for your team, supplement your curriculum and demonstrate training messages.  
โ–ผ  Explore the Activity Collection today to find engaging experiences that can bring your training programmes to life!  โ–ผ
FULLY REPRODUCIBLE and available in both print (3-Ring Binder) and digital (PDF) formats
Training activities at work can help create more engaged, satisfied employees, providing an opportunity to learn in a comfortable and fun environment. There are many benefits to using activities at work, like better absorbed knowledge, more collaboration and cooperation between staff members, more ideas brought up by individuals and more camaraderie within teams.

Management can add value to activities by using techniques that touch the head, heart and skills at the same time. This holistic approach demands an underpinning of theory (for understanding), personal learning (for developing emotions) and practice (for developing skills). There are many ways of meeting these objectives, but the structured experience is the most convenient and powerful.

A structured experience is a vehicle for learning. Its structure permits a focus on objectives or an area of concern. The experience part engages the individual. Since the objective is to educate several senses at once, it is extremely important that the individual is fully involved.



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22 Training Events for Developing Team Leaders

For many team leaders, leadership can seem like an intangible, unattainable skill โ€” one that's best left to those at the top of the organization. But in reality, leadership takes place at many different levels, from strategic directors to team and project leaders.

25 Problem Solving & Decision Making Activities

25 Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Activities provides the tools to enhance these skills, using a variety of self-analysis assessments, survey instruments, structured experiences, and teaching resources.

58.5 Ways to Improvise in Training Activities

58ยฝ Ways to Improvise in Training is more than just simply a collection of icebreakers. The activities are quick and the well-organized binder makes facilitation a cinch. The activities are categorized by learning objective, and include detailed administrative guidelines and ideas for variation and development.

Compact Cases

Why spend your valuable time writing case studies? With Compact Cases, weโ€™ve done the work for you! This customizable, reproducible collection features 44 succinct situations and role plays that cover a wide variety of training topics.

Customer Service Activities for Training

Encourage your customer service representatives to answer, learn about, and reflect on the key questions that will help them to deliver exceptional service. Customer Service Activities for Training is a collection of 38 activities, assessments, role plays, and action plans that address critical questions.

Exploring Personal Style Activities

The perfect follow-up to any personality-style training, Exploring Personal Styles helps participants learn to accept and appreciate their differences. With activities ranging from light and easy-going to more in-depth, this collection generates compelling group discussions and insight into the unique qualities of each personality dimension.

Facilitator's Toolkit, The

The Facilitator's Toolkit contains over 40 tools, discussions, and case studies. It's the ideal resource for inexperienced facilitators or employees who are being asked to put together or facilitate a training session.

Pump Them Up!

Pump Them Up! ia a useful collection of reproducible team-building workshops. In as little as two hours you can provide teams with on-target, hands-on training that will re-energize, re-focus, and re-commit team members.

Sales Training Activities

Sales training isn't just for sales reps anymore - customer service and other support staff can also benefit from developing selling skills! Support all of your sales training needs with Sales Training Activities, a mix of over 80 ice breakers, role plays, games, and exercises that are the perfect addition to any type of sales training.

Team Development Activities for Trainers

Team Development Activities for Trainers is a collection of 59 exercises that address the skills most critical to team development, including communication, planning, problem solving, and more.


TeamBook consists of 27 activities to improve group functions and achieve effective human relations by providing exercises in the fundamental principles of team building, team building goals and participant guidelines.

Teambuilders: 10 Adventures in Working Together

Challenge your participantsโ€™ imaginations with TeamBuilders: 10 Adventures in Working Together, a new collection of learning events that encourage the exploration of team skills through the use of fantasy scenarios.

Telephone Skills Training Activities - Choose from Volume I (Inbound) or Volume II (Outbound)

The Telephone Skills Training Manuals, consisting of two separate volumes for inbound and outbound calls, is designed to introduce, reinforce, and strengthen fundamental telephone skills for handling customer service and sales calls.