Change Management

โ€˜Nothing is constant except change,โ€™ says one of the great quotes; and its abundantly true.
The people assigned with the task of delegating and leading the way through times of change are generally the top executives. But that doesn't mean the rest donโ€™t need to know how to navigate through changing times. Ensuring that employees at every level learn how to deal with change at every level of an organization is crucial to maintain optimal performance.
With the proper tools to guide you through the process, you can help your audience progress though the organizational change management process, understand their personal reactions, and find positive strategies to survive organizational change. Everyone has a reaction to change, whether itโ€™s organization-wide or specific to departments or even individual employees. The more we know about the process of change, along with incorporating change management training the better equipped we are to take steps to adapt to it in our work and our lives.

Change Reaction Instrument (Assessment)

Understanding oneโ€™s own reactions to change is the first step in dealing with it. An excellent starting point, Change Reaction is an effective learning tool for understanding personal reaction to change. The 24-item instrument helps individuals learn about their typical reaction to change โ€“ and identify ways to manage it effectively.

Dealing with Change (Business Simulation)

Dealing with Change offers a proactive, 5-step plan for coping with the challenges of organizational change. This business simulation takes a focused, personal, and proactive approach to managing the emotional side of change, helping employees learn how to regain a sense of control and turn negative emotions into positive actions.

Leading Change at Every Level (Assessment)

In decades past, change leadership used to fall squarely on the shoulders of the executive echelon. But in todayโ€™s empowered organizations, the responsibility of championing change cascades throughout the organization, regardless of authority or position. Leading Change at Every Level is comprehensive self-assessment and classroom workshop that measures skill level and develops the five behaviours of effective change leaders. Itโ€™s the training toolkit every trainer needs to build competent change leaders from the top to bottom.

Mastering the Change Curve (Assessment)

Proactively managing organizational change can result in a corporate culture that is optimistic - fuelled by empowered leadership and employees who feel valued and secure. Mastering the Change Curve will train your team to identify and understand the four phases of change: Denial, Resistance, Exploration and Commitment and provide skills to help each individual productively navigate through the process.

Customizable & Reproducible Learning Programmes

The Reproducible Training Library (RTL) offers high quality, customizable content in easy-to-use formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint