Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is a key aspect of an individual’s skill-set. If you want your employee to be successful on the negotiating table you need to teach them how to negotiate and how to be great at it. The tools you need to learn how to be a successful negotiator are available with us. 
These tools cover a wide range – from skill building and practice to comprehensive programmes on negotiation skills training.  We make it easy for you to measure negotiating preferences with our assessments, and practice using new skill sets with strategic negotiation training simulations. Every programme offers just the right mix of interactive tools, helping participants learn compelling concepts, reflect on relevant experiences, and practice new skills.

Building Negotiating Power (Article)

Reinforce the principles of collaborative negotiation with the informative and easy-to-read article. Step by step, readers will learn what it takes to become a collaborative negotiator – and how to avoid the most common negotiating pitfalls.

Common Currency: The Cooperative Competition Game (Interactive Game)

Common Currency is a flexible, team-based activity that utilizes a wealth of interpersonal and group-process skills. We especially like using it as part of negotiating and strategic planning workshops. But it’s ideal for a wide array of training topics.

Dealing with Tough Negotiators (Assessment)

Dealing With Tough Negotiators is a 30-item assessment that helps respondents identify their areas of strength and weakness in 5 key negotiating skill areas: Maintaining Composure, Developing Data, Refocusing the Discussion, Being Creative, and Handling Information Strategically.

Negotiating Style Profile (Assessment/Workshop)

There’s more to negotiating than the outcome alone. Building productive relationships is equally important. Skilled negotiators know this and it’s what sets them apart from the rest. And whether people are striving to hit their monthly sales quota, campaigning for a deadline extension, or pitching ideas to a team, the same principles apply. A trainer favourite for more than 30 years, the Negotiating Style Profile is a combination self-assessment and classroom workshop that offers a simple framework for determining personal negotiating style and the likely effect it has on negotiations.

NegotiatingSuccess Programme (Multi-Day Programme)

Many of us negotiate every day, both in business and personal interactions. All of these negotiations involve 2 critical factors: the outcome and the relationship that exists between the negotiators. In an increasingly fast-paced and competitive marketplace, we can’t afford to jeopardize either. For building the skill set needed to foster partnerships and achieve favourable agreements, NegotiatingSuccess™ is the solution.

Negotiating Win-Win Solutions Programme (Multi-Day Programme)

When it comes to negotiating, being “nice” doesn't have to mean losing — or being the only one to benefit, either. In a world where we've been trained and rewarded to compete and win, the Negotiating Win-Win Solutions programme attempts to reverse the win-lose perspective and provide a problem-solving approach to negotiation that helps each person involved in the negotiation to walk away feeling like a winner.

Strike Fighter (Interactive Game)

Before the people in your organization attempt to manoeuvre through real-world negotiations, give them the opportunity to practice their skills in the safety of the classroom with Strike Fighter, a new action-packed training simulation that teaches a solid start-to-finish strategy.

Customizable & Reproducible Learning Programmes

The Reproducible Training Library (RTL) offers high quality, customizable content in easy-to-use formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.