Coaching and Mentoring skills

There's no doubt that coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop employee potential.  But once managers have been given the responsibility of coaching, they needs fitness regimen of their own.  Show managers how to delegate with skill, implement development plans, and improve employee performance with this selection of assessments, activities, and programmes.
Business coaching is about helping employees become more effective โ€” and supporting and involving your employees in the process. Coaching influences employee adaptability, productivity, and retention.

Managing by Motivation (Assessment) **NEW**

Increase management effectiveness through improved motivation skills. Managers will learn to understand their own motivations as well as take into account employees' motivations as they relate to performance and change issues.

Coaching Achievement Programme (Multi-Day Programme)

In todayโ€™s competitive environment, organizations cannot afford to lose talented employees. But individuals who are not properly coached can become under utilized, error prone, and unable to meet their goals. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s critical for managers and leaders to coach for achievement every day.

Coaching Skills Inventory (Assessment)

The Coaching Skills Inventory offers a logical, 7-step formula for conducting coaching meetings that are based on mutual trust and respect.

ENGAGE: Connect at a Higher Level Game (Card Game)

Research shows that engaged employees are more productive and more satisfied at work. But employee engagement is more than just that. Itโ€™s a strategy that can set your organization apart from the competition. The ENGAGE Card System provides an interactive framework that encourages the meaningful conversations that reveal and develop employee engagement levels.

Get Fit for Coaching Assessment (Assessment)

Get Fit for Coaching identifies and assesses areas of strength and improvement based on 5 critical skills found in research and literature: Building Rapport, Observing and Analyzing, Questioning and Listening, Providing Feedback, and Facilitating Learning.

Get Fit for Coaching Skill Practice Game (Board Game)

Enhance your coaching training with Get Fit for Coaching โ€“ A Skill Practice Game. Based on the Get Fit for Coaching assessment, this fun and fast-paced game gives participants the opportunity to practice the 5 skills vital to effective coaching.

Masterful Coaching (Books)

Author Robert Hargroveโ€™s book, Masterful Coaching Third Edition, is a standard resource for anyone who is a coach, wants to become a coach, or is curious about being an extraordinary coach. He presents his profound insights into the journey to of becoming a masterful coach along with guiding ideas, tools, and methods.

Mentoring in the Moment (Assessment)

Mentoring in the Moment addresses this modern trend by providing a framework that mentors can use to identify and respond to mentoring opportunities. This 20-item instrument describes mentoring as a journey with specific phases that unfold over time, each requiring a different type of mentoring behaviour.

Principles of Adult Mentoring (Assessment)

This assessment provides mentors with an objective means of assessing their mentoring skills, especially those behavioural competencies that are essential for productive interaction with a diverse group of mentees.

What's My Coaching Style? (Assessment)

Understanding personal style is the first step to developing successful coaching relationships. By responding to the 18-item What's My Coaching Style? inventory and receiving feedback from coachees, participants identify their personal style and build an understanding of the people they coach.

Customizable & Reproducible Learning Programmes

The Reproducible Training Library (RTL) offers high quality, customizable content in easy-to-use formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.