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Customer Service

Today's customers want service that is faster, better, cheaper. But how do you know if your organization is prepared to meet that challenge? Can you say (with confidence) that your organization’s customer service is exceptional? Do employees know the difference between internal and external customer service? These skills are what set extraordinary companies apart from the rest. That’s why a customer service assessment is one of the best investments you can make. 
Use a customer service assessment to measure individual performance, build a service team, or identify changes needed in policies or operating procedures. Once you know the areas where improvement is needed, you’ll be able to develop action plans for more effective customer service behaviours.

Becoming a Customer Service Star (Assessment)

Everyone has a favourite customer service story, but few people can identify the specific behaviours that will result in outstanding service. With Becoming a Customer Service Star, employees and managers evaluate their behaviour in 5 critical service areas, examine their attitudes about service, and learn ways to boost their customer service performance.

Customer Service Activities (Reproducible Training Activity Collection)

Encourage your customer service representatives to answer, learn about, and reflect on the key questions that will help them to deliver exceptional service. Customer Service Activities for Training is a collection of 38 activities, assessments, role plays, and action plans that address critical questions.

Customer Service Commitment (Assessment)

The Customer Service Commitment Profile is designed to help individuals understand how much "service excellence" is offered to the customer. The level of service excellence they offer and that is offered by the organization as a whole are assessed.

Customer Service Skills Profile (Assessment)

Employees can rate themselves in seven competency areas widely considered to be critical to the ability to provide exemplary service.

Internal Customer Service Assessment (Assessment)

The Internal Customer Service Assessment illustrates the real differences between internal and external service, and is  designed to help internal service providers evaluate how well they are practicing the behaviours that constitute excellent internal service.

Knock Your Socks Off Service (Assessment)

Based on best-selling Knock Your Socks Off Service® book series, this set of powerful training tools provides customer service managers and employees with valuable insight into their organization's ability to deliver world-class service — and helps them create an action plan for improvement.

SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Activities (Reproducible Training Activity Collection)

Spice up your next customer service training program with SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Activities, a creative, engaging, and innovative collection of skill development activities.

Telephone Skills Training Activities - Volume I (Inbound) or II (Outbound) (Reproducible Training Activity Collection)

The Telephone Skills Training Manuals, consisting of two separate volumes for inbound and outbound calls, is designed to introduce, reinforce, and strengthen fundamental telephone skills for handling customer service and sales calls.

Customizable & Reproducible Learning Programmes

The Reproducible Training Library (RTL) offers high quality, customizable content in easy-to-use formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Training Videos (DVD’s)

DVD’s for classroom-based training as well as DVD packages which include a video component on DVD, a Leader’s Guide with workshop facilitation ideas and – in many cases – a corresponding PowerPoint presentation and participant materials.