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Diversity and respect

Help your participants gain cultural awareness in order to benefit the organization or company. Diversity training is the reality that is facing many human resource management teams โ€“ one of the pressing reasons is the growing ethnic and racial diversity in the workplace. Successful organizations know that incredible challenges can be overcome when people from different backgrounds join together in collaboration. Diversity training is vital if a business expects to harness the power of a culturally diverse workforce. It is especially effective for remote teams that must learn to communicate effectively across language and cultural barriers.

Diversity Awareness Profile (Assessment)

Most people donโ€™t sit down at their desks and make a mental plan to discriminate, judge, or isolate their colleagues. Even so, these behaviours still exist in todayโ€™s organizations. Understanding the presence of these biases is the first step to recognizing that diversity brings many advantages.

Customizable & Reproducible Learning Programmes

The Reproducible Training Library (RTL) offers high quality, customizable content in easy-to-use formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Training Videos (DVDโ€™s)

DVDโ€™s for classroom-based training as well as DVD packages which include a video component on DVD, a Leaderโ€™s Guide with workshop facilitation ideas and โ€“ in many cases โ€“ a corresponding PowerPoint presentation and participant materials.